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Introducing a New Option for Wet AMD

Radiotherapy has come of age. While long used for the treatment of cancer, recent improvements introduced by Oraya have brought radiation to the forefront of AMD therapy. CNV appears to be a multi-component disease involving neovascular growth, vascular leakage, matrix deposition, remodeling, and inflammation. Radiation has the ability to inhibit rapidly proliferating vascular tissue and diminish new blood vessel growth. It can also reduce inflammation and minimize scar formation. Intended as a one-time treatment, Oraya Therapy is non-invasive easily tolerated.

With Oraya Therapy, we’re raising the bar and lowering the burden.

The Oraya Therapy provides the following advantages:

Innovative Technology

Oraya Therapy raises the bar in the treatment of wet AMD by using state-of-the- art technology that advances radiotherapy to new levels of control and precision targeting. The Oraya system uses advanced X-ray tube positioning to ensure precise targeting and control. The patient’s eye is secured by the proprietary I-Guide™ Eye Stabilization Device that immobilizes the globe to assure accurate treatment. This stereotactic approach results in precise delivery of therapy to the macula while protecting surrounding tissue from radiation exposure.

Ease of Use and Patient Comfort

Delivered non-invasively in an outpatient setting, requiring only a topical anesthetic, Oraya Therapy is designed to ease the burden of wet AMD treatment for both the patient and the physician by reducing the number of anti-VEGF injections. The actual treatment time is approximately four minutes.

Read about our clinical trials.

Learn more about Oraya Therapy and the principles and safely of radiation treatment for wet AMD.

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EURETINA 2013, Hamburg: Oraya Seminar Presentations
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Oraya Therapy Video Not What you Expect – Identify and assess microvascular abnormalities following Oraya Therapy U. Charkravarthy (Nothern Ireland)

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